Here Are 10 Unexpected Benefits of Watching Porn

“Become the Itzhak Perlman of having sex”

I laughed, while reading an article called 11 unexpected benefits of watching porn by The Daily Dot, because one of the arguments in favor of watching porn included “become the Itzhak Perlman of having sex.” The online article even had a link to Itzhak Perlman’s website. If you don’t already know, Perlman is a famous violinist. Since I’ve played the violin for over two decades, I found every reason to watch porn because of that logic: watching porn takes practice just like practicing an instrument

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Relieves headaches

To skip the science and statistics that will prove easily google-able — I’ll just say that this is my go-to solution for any headache, aside from ibuprofen or advil… both of which are probably terrible for your stomach lining (consult someone science-y about the side effects that accompany headache medication. Furthermore, verify with someone credible about how masturbating to porn produces/releases endorphins). Not only will you feel better from watching porn while masturbating, but you may experience drowsiness after orgasm. Get ready for that glorious midway-through-watching-porn and post-orgasm sleep. By the time you wake up you’ll likely feel refreshed and free of pain.

You’ll know how you like to be touched

By that, I mean touched by your own hand, to start. Recently, a friend approached me about how she hasn’t orgasmed before. That’s nothing for a friend to feel ashamed about, but all the more reason for her give herself the gift of watching porn and masturbation. She said, “I’ll know how to orgasm after I lose my virginity” to which I replied, “it’ll be more enjoyable for everyone involved, if you learn yourself first. That way, you’ll discover what you want and need logistically to lean some climax(es).”

Learn what turns you on

In the same boat as the aforementioned section about knowing how you want to be touched—by watching porn– you can also know what turns you on. Now that you’ve covered “how” and “what,” you may want to skip Freudian questions like “why;” instead, enjoy and discover what makes you aroused.

It’s a free date-night activity

Save money by staying in to watch xhamster videos. Avoid spending money on anything except for carryout. Maybe xhamster videos include a couple getting-it-on to the sexually-driven song “carryout” by Justin Timberlake: how will you know whether that statement proves true — if you don’t browse through xhamster while ordering food?

Escapism from work or wherever

Maybe your work day has been absolute shite. Why not take out some pent-up emotions by enjoying some cinematic adventures via porn.

There are no rules, as far as attire

You can wear whatever you want—or nothing at all—to watch xhamster videos.

Luxury to choose

There’s a plethora of xhamster videos, so you can watch whatever you’d like.


No risk of pregnancy watching porn solo

You don’t need to worry about condoms, birth control, arguments, pregnancy tests, STIs or general unpleasantness while watching xhamster videos. Watching porn by yourself proves enjoyably safe and tantalizing.



Enjoying sex in theory and not in practice (i.e. threesomes)

Maybe you want to have a threesome, but you’re convinced it’s much better in theory instead of practice – what with all of the jealousy involved. Plus, it seems like a logistical hastle. Anyone reading this, who has experienced a threesome may disagree.